About Me

Hi, I'm Vivien Keidel and I am a psychedelic artist based in Southern California!

I have been creating trippy art since I was in high school. I started sharing my work publicly in 2020 on instagram as a way to document my artwork and I never imagined it would take me to where I am now. I mainly use acrylic markers on canvas as form of my medium but I have delved into other mediums such as clay and wood. My main focus in my art is psychedelic patterns, colorful visuals and, of course, eyes!

I draw a lot of my inspiration from pop art and optical illusions to produce detailed patterns that have a radial design and are similar to mandalas. I enjoy using eyes in almost every artwork I make because of how versatile they can be when creating trippy visual art. 

My love for eyes goes beyond just my artwork. When I am not making colorful paintings, I spend my time studying and working towards my optometry degree. 

To find out more about me and my art, follow @vivillus on my social media.